Brian Teal

Business Advisor

Butte College SBDC

About Me:

Brian Teal, the founder and Principal Consultant of Ibis Business Solutions, LLC has a unique background as a small business owner of a small technology firm in the late 90’s, as well as a long career in finance and commercial/business banking.

From his experience, Brian has helped develop multiple regional businesses. As a founder of a small regional bank, Brian was able to work with implementing secure technology and operations strategies to help in providing an approved charter, as well as helping to create products and services to best meet small business needs.

From there, Brian has helped develop: Agriculture programs for financial institutions; Business development relating to SaaS and national transportation partners; Medical equipment sales and marketing; International video production sales and operations strategies; and Management of national sales teams, both remote and on-site. Brian has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with double honors, and a Master of Arts in Psychology with emphasis in Social and Biological Psychology.

Expertise: Access to Capital Agriculture Cyber Security Social Media Technology